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The Work of Nikola Tesla Is Brought Into the Spotlight with New Independent Film by The Love Records

The Love Records Launches Independent Film Division to Raise Awareness Related to Global Environmental Issues

The Love Records, owned and operated by filmmaker and activist Sharon Doyle, has one goal: educate people from around the world about the fragility of our environment and those taking steps to save our planet through independent music and film. Her first notable project focuses on the life of Nikola Tesla, the inventor that inspired the number one environmentally friendly automobile for the rich and famous.

The Love Records brings independent film to audiences via film festivals globally as well as through music. Founded in 2011, LOVE (Love Our Vulnerable Earth) Records creates awareness through music about issues that we are facing in an ever changing world. Founder, Sharon Doyle, has built the company on a simple philosophy. “Never doubt that a small group of committed individuals can change the world through music and film.” she says.

The label’s new Album “LOVE” is all about preserving the environment and sustainable energy. It features artists in Jazz, Jazz Fusion, Rock, R&B, Funk, Pop, Heavy Metal, Folk, Blues, Techno, Classical-Orchestral and Hip-Hop. Proceeds from the sales of “LOVE” help to fund the production of films like TESLA.

TESLA is an incredible short film showcasing the brilliant and innovative mind of Nikola Tesla. The uniqueness of vision in this independent short film provides the movie-loving public with a one-of-a-kind look into the making of the TESLA and how one persons’ vision for protecting our planet sparked a automobile revolution.

TESLA will debut at the New Hope Film Festival which is held in New Hope, PA from July 25th – August 3rd. The screening of “TESLA” will be at 12:00pm on August 2, 2014 at the Stephen J Buck Memorial Theater, New Hope PA.

The New Hope Film Festival has been called “Sundance East” by Laurie Nadel of The Huffington Post. The festival’s core mission is to discover and nurture independent filmmakers, many of whom are seeking world and U.S. debuts and remain overlooked and/or under-appreciated by other forums. New Hope Film Festival welcomes them and will be host to filmmakers from 16 different countries debuting their films at this year’s annual event.


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